Our Leadership Team

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Megan Nubel

Megan is a diverse learning teacher and behavior specialist in Chicago Public Schools. She is an assistant debate coach at New Trier High School, where her students have been national qualifiers and state champions. Megan has worked with Victory Briefs for 3 years. 

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Marshall Thompson

Marshall holds a BA in philosophy from Wheaton college and a [soon to be] MA in Philosophy from Florida State University where he studies ethics and effective teaching. At the Victory Briefs Institute he directs the design and development of the LD camp curriculum. He has coached debate for six years, having worked with students at all levels of competition. 


Nick Smith

Nick studied Political Science and Philosophy at the University of Minnesota. He was the Director of Debate at Hopkins (MN) for four years and now coaches at the Apple Valley High School (MN). 

Key Contributors


Kathy Wang

Kathy is one of Victory Briefs' top instructors, and was a successful debater from Stuyvesant High School in New York.

She is the primary creator of VBI's novice camp curriculum. Many of the activities in this curriculum were adopted from lesson plans Kathy designed. 


Lawrence Zhou

Lawrence, is one of the LD curriculum directors at the Victory Briefs Institute, and is the 2014 NSDA national champion. 

Lawrence is our primary voice actor for Classroom's video series. 


Nina Potischman

Nina, is Victory Briefs most artistically talented employee, as well as one of our mostly highly requested mentors. She is studying both art and philosophy at Pomona College. 

Nina is our illustrator for Classroom's video series.